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What is RSS ?

RSS is an easy way enables you to get the latest news as soon as they are received on your favorite sites on the Internet. Instead of opening web pages and the search for new subjects, the RSS service notifies you of further news and topics on those sites as they are published.

Gulf Press provides you RSS feeds for most web pages, such as: Gulf Press News, and Islamic Banks, etc..

How do I benefit from the service RSS ?

You must first get the program RSS Reader, this program displays on the computer screen the information provided by RSS feeds from websites you choose.

After getting this program then only select the websites and pages that you want to get them from RSS. For example, you can choose to get the latest news at the Gulf Press News.
Note that you must choose the appropriate operating system software used in your computer (Windows or Mac).

How do I subscribe to RSS feeds with Gulf Press ?

Select the page that you want to get the latest news as a financial news page on then click on the link "RSS service " on the site.

Terms and Conditions of Use

We encourage the use of broadcast RSS service to view Gulf Press News , but when you view the contents and the material must be attributed to Gulf Press and display properly. It must be pointed out that the contents of the Gulf Press "Gulf Press News "or "from the Gulf Press News ".

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